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Mark Motors Group


Rogers Sports And Media

106.1 Chez Kiss 105.3 City News 101.1 92.3 Country

Rogers Tv


Robertson Martin Architects


The Silver Group


Caivan HostedBizz

Paterson Group        Taggart Parkes Foundation

TC Energy


M. Davis Landscape & Design Inc        DSEL

Gab Group Inc. Huntington Properties

JSFA         Kott

Richcraft         Unreserved

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BMO Canada Forest Trust Capello Systems   Claridge    Clarke Walsh

David Burns and Associates    Marathon    MDRN Activation    Merivale Vision Care & Willington Vision Care   Paramount Properties

Rbc Walker   WCPD


Anna Bélanger & Associates   BFL Canada   Brion Raffoul Cope Well Groups   Edelman

Gowling   Panasonic   The Properties Group

Hospitality Sponsor

Airstream: Richcraft
Beverage: Cada Dia City Seltzer , Dillon's Dominion City Mark Anthony Wine & Spirits , Select Aperitivo The Vine Agency
Desserts: Toro Treats
Food: Coconut Lagoon , La Bottega , North & Navy Play food & wine, Pure Kitchen
Generator: Powered Synergy & Wired Synergy
Parking Osgoode Properties

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