Meet Kamil, Ridgemont Clubhouse Alumni

(Kamil pictured centre)

"The BGCO has been the most influential figure in my life outside of my immediate family. It helped shape my perspective on life and taught me how to seek and give guidance. It also taught me how to truly look after the well-being of others regardless of their circumstances. In short, the BGCO taught me how to spread love and be loved by everyone around you.

I currently work for the government in a role that allows me to take care of my family. I wouldn't be able to do that if it wasn't for the BGCO teaching me to correct ways, to articulate myself no matter the situation, to be a team player.

The BGCO at RHS has always been dear to my heart. I feel as though the RHS community is in dire need of the services the BGCO has to offer. As both a staff and former member, I can confidently say that the BGCO at RHS is making a huge impact on the lives of young people. To take this clubhouse away from the community would be detrimental to the positive growth of young people in this community for generations to come. ”

Kim Lamont, Alumni

"Camp Smitty (Minwassin) is the best place on earth. The people & place make a difference! I have gained lifelong friends, family, loves and lessons. It has shaped the kid to adult that I am today. The organization of the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club are essential to our community. My kids are involved in club/camp so thank you for that as well!"

Dave Lahey, Alumni

"I began going to Camp Minwassin in 1961 as a skinny 12 year old. When summer ended the Nepean Club became my home. Each summer I extended the length of my stays at Camp as a 'Cabin Leader' then Jr. & Sr. Counsellor. From fall through spring I would make the trek from Overbrook to the Club almost daily as both a participant and eventually staff person until summer 1969. Lots of fond memories of Fred McCann, Jake McLean, Jim Middlemiss, Marc Charron, Larry Jackson and Alan Pushee - people who helped shape and encourage me - perhaps without knowing it! Also had the privilege of knowing & playing broomball in the 'Dust Bowl' with Carl 'Boom Boom' McCallister - apparently now a legend! "

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