Raise the Grade

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The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada delivers a multi-faceted education program called Raise the Grade, aimed at increasing academic skills, high school graduation rates and access to post-secondary education for at-risk youth from a select group of Boys and Girls Clubs across the country.

It is an interactive after-school program that allows youth (age 14-18) to explore interests, receive homework help, interact with peers, and increase their digital literacy and plan for post-secondary education. The program matches youth with a mentor who guides and supports them.

The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa is pleased and proud to be part of Raise the Grade. The program gives youth the tools and opportunities to excel in school and go on to become successful and independent. Young people can explore their personal interests and connect with mentors, tutors and friends while enhancing their digital literacy through this after-school program.

This program is available at our Tomlinson Family Foundation Clubhouse and Don McGahan Clubhouse locations.

Raise the Grade technology centre

Our Raise the Grade technology centre provides a designated space with access to high-speed Internet and up-to-date computers in order to support learning. A positive, collaborative environment helps youth feel comfortable and engaged and is reserved for Raise the Grade participants at specific times during the week.

Become a Mentor

As teens go through secondary school, they will begin to think about different careers. As a mentor, you can play an important role in this process -by supporting them with encouragement and information as they begin their career journeys. Helping them narrow down their choices can really help them with decisions. Your main role as a mentor is being a coach: guiding, helping, supporting and encouraging the youth you will be working with. You will sometimes play the role as a tutor: helping with homework –but don’t worry if you’re not a math or science wiz- we don’t expect you to be. Supporting youth with their work and sharing knowledge and skills will make a huge impact in a young person’s life.

Lastly, you will play the role of being a listener: listening to how their day went, or how school is going, and perhaps other events or situations that are occurring in their lives.

In conclusion, a mentor is a mix of many roles and it is important to understand that a mentor will become an important person in a young person’s life. The impact that a mentor has on a young person is significant. You will be supporting a young person and helping them map out short and long term goals. A mentor offers life experience and wisdom that will help them along their journey to becoming successful and contributing members of society.

To begin the application process, please email Melissa Marion to express your interest in our mentorship program!

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