Leaders "4" Life

Leaders "4" Life is about building character and developing leaders.

The 4 Components

Individual: Personal choices, Self-Confidence, Goals.

Family: Supporting roles with parents and siblings.

School: Planning, Effort, Achievement.

Community: Involvement, Contributing, Volunteerism.

Integrated approach to the program utilizes Camp Smitty and Clubhouse resources. Mentors / Facilitators include university and college placements. Measurable outcomes in areas of self-esteem, school performance, and volunteerism.

Program Overview

October - April: Weekly sessions at clubs (6pm-8pm) and seasonal outings at camp (Fall/Winter/Spring).

May - June: Special Events, group outings, volunteering and continued interaction with mentors.

July - August: Attend summer session(s) at Camp Smitty - Leader in Training, Counselor in Training.

Program Phases

Phase 1 - Ages 13-15

Focused on personal goals and foundational skills. Work with mentor, introduction to volunteerism, earn camp session (regular camp/leader in training).

Phase 2 - Ages 16 - 17

Expanded goal-setting, enhanced skill development. Work with mentor, increased emphasis on volunteering, camp experience (counselor in training/junior counselor).

Phase 3 - Ages 18+

Post-secondary education, scholarship opportunities. Act as mentor, sustained and expanded community involvement, camp staff (senior counselor, senior staff).

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For more information about Leaders "4" Life, please contact Matt Singer at 613-232-0925 Ext. 263 or msinger@bgcottawa.org

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