Art Now

Performance Arts

Program Overview

Art Now’s approach is in keeping with BGC Ottawa’s mission of providing at-risk children and youth across the city with a safe space during the most vulnerable hours of the day, and FREE access to life-changing programs. Offered under the Creative Arts Program Pillar, Art Now is broken down into three sessions, each focusing on a different area (Creative Arts, Music, and Dance).

Multicultural arts programming is also offered in partnership with local cultural groups to provide our members with compelling artistic, cultural and heritage experiences such as Aboriginal Arts, Jamaican and Latin dance, African drumming, etc. BGC Ottawa continues to connect with various cultural groups to broaden these important learning experiences for our members.

Art Now is offered at all four BGC Ottawa Clubhouses and reaches well over 1,000 participants annually. Through this program, our members develop new hobbies, life skills and teamwork in a safe and caring environment. The arts provide children and youth an outlet for how to think outside the box and become familiar with other cultures. In some cases, these skills also transfer to career opportunities in areas such as digital art and animation; drafting; engineering; architecture and interior design.

BGC Ottawa understands that Creative Arts is an essential part of healthy development for children and youth. The Club provides a supportive environment that allows members to explore and develop their artistic skills to their full potential, tap into their imagination and grow more confident through their creativity.

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