The Four Pillars

Pillars (2)

Programs are the foundation of the BGCO.

The variety and quality of these programs are meant to be engaging, accessible for all, and contribute...

Measuring Success

BGC Ottawa has developed an evidence-based evaluation framework to ensure quality programming reaches all of its members.
Programming decisions are...


The BGC Ottawa Scholarship Program is intended to recognize youth for their community effort, involvement and participation with the Club, academic...


What's New?

NEW Ron Kolbus Kitchen


BGC Ottawa hosted a small socially distanced gathering to unveil the NEW Ron Kolbus Kitchen, honoring a much-needed renovation project that our...

“Facebook must do better”, says BGC Ottawa, and Clubs across Canada

Facebook must do better 1

We know Facebook can do more to protect our kids and teens on their platforms.

We see firsthand the negative impact social media is having on young...

Indoor Programming returns on Monday, July 5th


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Ask any of our BGC Ottawa Staff, and they’ll tell you the same thing: BGC Ottawa just isn’t the same without Members laughing, enjoying...


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