Ways to Give

You can help thousands of children and youth in Ottawa’s most vulnerable communities reach their full potential by supporting the highest priority needs of the Club or you may choose to designate your funds to the programming pillar that has the greatest meaning for you personally. Your gift will make a significant impact in serving the needs of our community.

One Time Gift

A single gift could have a lasting impact on the lives and futures of BGC Ottawa Members. You can ensure the Club can continue to offer barrier-free services and life-changing programs.

Monthly & Annual Gift

Monthly giving lets you spread your giving out throughout the year, easily budget for giving and make an ongoing commitment to BGC Ottawa. You can ensure the Club can continue to offer barrier-free services and life-changing programs.

Why Support BGC Ottawa

To support Ottawa’s next generation of community leaders.
Because two-thirds of BGC Ottawa Members say the Club saved their life.
To make a positive impact on children and youth in your community.
To provide a young person with barrier-FREE access to the arts, education support, healthy meals and snacks, recreation programs, competitive sports and so much more!
Children and youth attending BGC Ottawa programs do better in school and are more engaged in learning.
Almost 80% of Members say BGC Ottawa improves their grades, 83% say they feel important at the Club and 85% say being at the Club helps them feel more confident.
Members visit BGC Ottawa to learn. They come to learn to be a good citizen, how to interact with others and how to plan for the best possible future.
Because....Opportunity changes everything!

Other ways to Give

Every day, we see the difference you can make in the lives of thousands of children and youth, many living in Ottawa’s most vulnerable communities. Consider making a major gift, remembering BGC Ottawa in your will, or sponsoring a marquee event. There are many ways you can make a signficant impact throughout the city.

Major & Planned Giving

We are here to support your philanthropic goals, discuss your impact, and how you would like to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of youths. You ensure the Club can continue to offer innovative programs and services to the city's children and youth.
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Gifts Of Publicly Traded Securities & Mutual Funds

If you own stocks or mutual funds that have grown in value, you will face a tax bill when you sell them. By donating them directly to BGC Ottawa you can eliminate your tax bill and make a significant gift at the same time.
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Legacy Giving

Remembering BGC Ottawa in your will allows many to support the Club with a substantially larger gift than would be possible within your lifetime. This type of giving allows you to donate securities, cash, or a percentage of your estate.
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Memorial & Tribute Gifts

A Memorial or Tribute gift is a thoughtful donation in memory of a beloved family member or friend.
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BGC Ottawa graciously accepts some tangible gifts in-kind including craft and school supplies, and gift cards. Please note we do not accept drop off in-kind donations. We encourage donors to post their items on GiveShop. Sellers are able to designate their revenue to BGC Ottawa while receiving a charitable tax receipt.
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Sponsorship & Event Giving

Join other like-minded organizations and individuals as a Sponsor of the BGC Ottawa Morning Social or Gala. Perhaps you have an in-kind donation to make to an auction, raffle or other event. Donating to one of our events is a great way to give back, while also helping out your business' bottom line.
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Third-Party Events

Community members can band together to host events that benefit BGC Ottawa. From Denim Days at the office, to summer barbeques, to donations in lieu of gifts at holiday parties, these third-party events offer organizers the chance to give back.
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