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Leaders 4 Life

Leaders "4" Life is a program for teens that builds character and develops the next generation of young leaders in our city.

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Program Overview

Leaders 4 Life is a seven-month program aimed at developing leadership skills and qualities in high school adolescents across various communities in Ottawa. It is a multi-level program, and thus youth will be in it for at least two years before graduating.  

Workshops will be facilitated around the following four main units:  

  1. Communication
  1. Decision-making and problem-solving
  1. Group dynamics, culture and diversity
  1. Leadership, workplace readiness and post-program planning

The program aims to supply tools, techniques and support to youths as they transition out of their adolescent years and become active members in their communities.

October to April: Weekly sessions at Clubs, guest speakers, volunteering and a retreat to Camp Smitty.

May to June: Special events, group outings and continued interaction with mentors.

July to August: Possible summer session(s) at Camp Smitty for a select few – Leader in Training, Counsellor in Training.

The 4 Components

Individual: Personal choices, self-confidence, goals.

Family: Supporting roles with parents and siblings.

School: Planning, effort, achievement.

Community: Involvement, contribution, volunteerism.

The integrated approach to the program utilizes Camp Smitty and Clubhouse resources. The program uses the ‘6 Cs of Positive Youth Development’ model: Competence, character, connection, caring, confidence and contribution. Thus, outcomes are measured in areas of personal development, post-program readiness and volunteerism.

Program Phases

Phase 1: Emerging Leaders (Grades 9-10): Members will work on personal goals and foundational skills. The group will focus on Unit 1 and 2, complete their minimum 20 hours of volunteering and visit Camp Smitty. Completion of this will advance youth to the next phase.

Phase 2: Advanced Leaders (Grades 11-12): Expanding on the foundational components of leadership they had previously acquired, Members will focus on Unit 3 and 4, completing their minimum of 20 hours of volunteering, exploring post-secondary/workforce options, and discovering employment opportunities within and outside of BGC Ottawa.  

While the youth’s grade is used to determine which phase they start at, the most important component would be whether they finished the previous phase.

Application Status: Closed

Please contact Elietra Samuel at esamuel@bgcottawa.org.

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