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Our camp is open to all young people aged 8 to 16 years old who are ready for the physical and social dynamics of a 10-day residential camping program.

Camp Counsellors singing a song.
Campers carrying a canoe over their heads.
Camp Smitty is open to all young people aged 8 – 16 years old


Camp Smitty is open to all young people aged 8 to 16 years old who are ready for the physical and social dynamics of a 10-day residential camping program.

We hold high expectations with regard to the level of respect and courtesy extended amongst Campers and balance these expectations with a high level of support provided by positive role models. Our trained and passionate Staff team consistently model the very characteristics we purport to teach our Campers.


Self Concept

Enhancing self-esteem, feeling good/positively about oneself, discovering talents/interests, being included in decision-making.

Social Skills

Developing interpersonal competence, group living, getting along with others, gaining appreciation for diversity.


Building positive values, mutual respect, taking responsibility for oneself, learning skills, taking on unique outdoor experiences.


Good old-fashioned healthy fun, room to breathe, getting ‘unplugged’, chance to be a kid.

Typical Day at Camp

Wake up bell
Normally, this would be way too early, but knowing that every day at camp is a dynamic adventure full of exciting programs, all Campers are glad that it’s time to start the day.
Campers and their cabin mates make their way to the Dining Hall to take in that all-important first meal of the day. They’ll need their energy, so we encourage everyone to dig into delicious pancakes, toast and jam, cereal, fruit, eggs, muffins... you get the idea, the food is great!
BOSS Games
The entire camp gets into their Battle of Superfit Superstars teams to take on challenges. Crazy relays might be in store for teams. Who will get the most points? The Bodacious Blue Barracudas? The Ravishing Red Rockets?
Skills & Thrills
It’s an opportunity for Campers to learn some neat stuff in their choice of skill area. Who knew it was possible to have fun and learn something at the same time? They can take their pick of swimming, canoeing, drama, sports, arts, dance, cooking, camping skills and more.
Camper's Choice
Sweating from Skills and Thrills? Campers are encouraged to find a buddy and go for a swim. A bit tired? They can grab a comic book and read it at the library. They can also shoot some hoops or get creative at arts and crafts. These are only a few of the many great options because it’s free time!
Campers have worked up an appetite, which means it’s time for more great food! When their table is done eating, cheering and camp songs are always welcome. We like to create a festive atmosphere in the Dining Hall.
Rest & Relaxation
This is the quietest time of day at camp. It’s an opportunity for everyone to recharge their batteries. During rest period, Campers can play cards or board games, read, write a letter or even take a power nap.
All-Camp Activity
It's a good thing that you got to rest because it's time to get moving again. The whole camp is in on these games. What will it be today? Capture the Flag, Animal Safari, Water Olympics, Triad Soccer... or the famous Mud Pit!
Camper's Choice
If a Camper went for a swim in the morning, maybe they’d like to try some crafts this time. If they spent their first session of free time on the ball field, maybe some canoeing would be of interest to them. The choice is theirs!
It’s time to fill Campers’ stomachs with nutrition, surrounded by some great friends. It’s also the perfect time to fill the camp with song and spirit.
All-Camp Activity
This is the big finale of the day. Staff might have a fantastic campfire planned with songs and skits. Maybe we’ll entertain each other with Airbands, where some true talent will be on display. It might even be a game of Camp Clue, where Campers will need to showcase outstanding teamwork and quick thinking to win the game. It’s truly the best way to cap off another superb day at Camp!
Lights Out
Tired? We think so! It’s time to wind down and get a night of great sleep for another great day tomorrow!

We must acknowledge

BGC Ottawa acknowledges that our work spans many Territories and Treaty areas and we are grateful for the traditional Knowledge Keepers Elders who are with us today, those who have gone before us and the youth that continuously inspire us in the work that we do. BGC Ottawa's mission statement is to provide safe, supportive places where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life. We recognize that these values are impossible to attain without the ongoing guidance and partnerships with Indigenous peoples.