The Four Pillars

Pillars (2)

Programs are the foundation of the BGCO.

The variety and quality of these programs are meant to be engaging, accessible for all, and contribute...

Measuring Success

BGC Ottawa has developed an evidence-based evaluation framework to ensure quality programming reaches all of its members.
Programming decisions are...


The BGC Ottawa Scholarship Program is intended to recognize youth for their community effort, involvement and participation with the Club, academic...


What's New?

Tammy's Back To School Letter


Tammy's Back 2 School LetterI grew up in a neighbourhood that was looked down upon by outsiders. Ledbury Banff, in the south of Ottawa, is a primarily lower-income place with...

Long Awaited In-person Return of Community Event Helps Vulnerable Children and Youth

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Canada Helps Event Page BannerThe last two years were tough. The pandemic took an emotional, social, and developmental toll on children and youth across Ottawa. Despite the...

Nominate A Young Champion Today

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Nominate A Young Champion Today!BGC Ottawa’s Community Youth Leader Kitchen

Do you know someone in your neighbourhood, up to age 25, who has demonstrated a strong contribution to...


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